The All-in-One Collateral Process Management Solution.


Our Advantage


Web Based Technology

Users can access your application anytime, anywhere.


Secure & Safe

Secure-Hosted at Certified SSAE 16 II Data Centers.


Excellent Support

Our staff is highly trained, friendly and dedicated to your success.

The Benefits

  • Private Labeled and in Production in less than 48 Hours
  • Secure-Hosted at a Certified SSAE 16 II Data Center
  • One Secure Repository for all Appraisals & Supporting Data (Commercial & Residential)
  • Track all Appraisals in Real Time Status

Standard Features

  • Unlimited Users: Manage all Clients, Branch Offices, Employees and Appraisers
  • Appraisal Dashboard : Instantly see Real-Time status of all Appraisal Orders
  • Automated Status Update E-Mails to all Users
  • Appraiser Registration Page – No Manual Data Entry
  • Automated Tracking of Expired Appraiser License and E&O
  • Flag Orders and Mark for Future Follow Up
  • Instant Messages : Send Messages within Each Individual File
  • Broadcast E-Mails : Send Batch E-Mails to all Registered Users

Custom Options

  • Merchant Account Integration – Credit Card Processing¬†
  • LOS Integration – System to System Integration
  • Accounting Integration – Interoperability with Existing Accounting System via CSV Data Exports
  • Borrower Acknowledgment of Appraisal – System Generated, Delivered and Recorded
  • Custom Automated E-Mail Notifications
  • Custom Compliance Certificate and Invoice
  • Custom Reports – Accounting, Appraisal, Appraiser, Branch and Company Reports

Additional Features

  • Custom Commercial Appraiser Registration Page
  • Automatically Track all Bids – Start to Finish within AIM-Port
  • Custom Commercial Appraisal Order Form – Specific to Commercial Appraisals
  • Enhanced Commercial Quality Control Status Area – Including Reviewer Specific Assignment¬†
  • Integrated Real-Time Commercial Dashboard – Know the Status of your Appraisal Every Step of the Way
  • A Commercial-Focused Quality Control Checklist with User Directed Customization
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